KnitPro Waves Soft Grip Aluminium Crochet Hook


KnitPro Waves Soft Grip Aluminium Crochet Hook

KnitPro’s signature style, Waves, features crochet hooks with a classic, smooth silver finish in a number of vibrant coloured soft grips, each one unique for its size! Ergonomically designed, one of the most popular choices for crocheters as the hooks are durable, smooth and add a burst of colour to their project.

KnitPro Waves Soft Grip Aluminium Crochet Hook are Colour coded for easy identification, the perfectly smooth silver finish of each KnitPro Waves Soft Grip Crochet Hook means your stitches will glide effortlessly, building your projects in no time at all. Made from a lightweight aluminium, and featuring vibrant, ergonomic rubber handles with excellent grip, KnitPro Waves hooks are a great way to avoid hand cramp and overly tight stitches. With less time spent focusing on your tension and searching for the correct size hook, you can concentrate on the artistic side of your craft and put the fun back into your crochet.

Take a look at the brilliant hook sets available for the KnitPro Waves range.

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